About Chemical Free Recipes

This page has been created as a place to collect and store recipes that are free of synthetic food additives of any kind.  I wish that I could have found a site like this a few years ago when I was starting out on my journey to better health through a whole foods based diet.  There are so many people out there that need help finding good recipes that don’t have the money to go buying fancy cookbooks.  I believe that this information should be free to the public.  There is no intention of making money off of these recipes, only storing them here and trackbacking to the original recipe that was adapted to remove anything that isn’t organic, synthetically produced, or non-whole foods.

This is a sister site to In a Sea of Chemicals.  This is where I’ll share recipes for anyone who is trying to eat healthy foods.  I do not think that saturated fats are bad for me, so please pass the bacon and butter!  I do not go on fad diets because they don’t work.  This way of eating is a lifestyle for me because if I go back to eating the way I did before, I’ll get really sick!  I am a firm believer that the less a food is processed, the healthier it is for you.


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